Our work consists of two kinds:

With our partners we design and make a specific product for our partner's specific needs. Our patner can even gain exclusive rights for the product including the source code and design of the product.

Prodcts that we make for pubic use and offer them on the market as a product or as a service. Many products are free to use for demonstrational purposes or even free at all.

Our range of experience and partners with wich we would not be able to achieve it:

  • Internet magazine
    Programmnig part of internet magazine sonček including content management, e-mail subscription, random generator, banner hosting and search engine has been done by Roka.

  • Web pages
    For our mother company Bent, we have made a simple web page with facts about the company.

  • Numerical simulation
    In cooperation wit the University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Mathematics and Physics we made simulations of moving of the defects in liquid crystal.

  • Parent Alerter
    Besides the products made for specific needs of a partner we also make products sold by Roka. Parent Alerter is a program used in schools. It alerts pupils and their parents about the school events by SMS messages. For this program we are looking for distributers in Europe. If you are interested, let us know!

  • Kartomat
    Kartomat is an ATM for selling cinema, train, parking and other tickets. It is a machine made by Roka and it is the first cinema ticket selling machine in SLovenia.

  • Interests calculator
    For smaller companies in Slovenia we made a simple program for calculating interests for behindhanders with their payments. As we are supportive to smaller interpreneurs, the program is totaly free.

  • Biogetic
    We have developed a product in mobile java technology. Because of its design, Biogetic runs on all java enabled phones.

  • RSS feeds
    Subscribe to RSS news describing every important event in Zasavje.

  • EasyTracker
    We have developed a vehicle gps tracking solution. You can review our solution on